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Plant up days

It's not long now until the 2020 plant up events and Denbigh in Bloom needs you!

Everyone is welcome to join in and there is always a lot to do.

The first session takes place on Tuesday 19th May. We start about 9am and there are two main tasks. The first is to get the railing planters in situ, so we are very grateful for a bit of muscle and people who know one end of a screwdriver and drill from another! Aside from the DIY bits, we also have to empty the planters that have held the winter bedding, so they are ready for the new scheme.

The second session takes place on Thursday 21st May. Again, we start at about 9am and we have to get all the railing planter inserts in place and plant up the newly emptied tiered and large square planters.

The Town Hall is our meeting place, so if you have an hour or more to spare and would like to lend a hand, we would love to have you! Our Facebook page will include the events, so go over and like our page to keep updated.

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