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Come and get involved!

It's a new gardening year and there are signs that Spring is well on its way! That means our volunteers' thoughts turn to the plans and projects that we need to tackle.

2022 is going to be a BIG year. We're taking part in Wales in Bloom again and having won the 'Best Town in Wales' for the 2nd time, we are also going to be

representing Wales in the national 'Britain in Bloom' competition. It's a massive honour, of course...but it also represents a mountain of work.

We have some incredible volunteers who work across a range of projects in town. Right now, we are keen to recruit more volunteers too, so thought it might be helpful to set the scene.

We know that people have busy lives, so we seek to fit in around you. That means there is never any expectation or obligation. Some people do a little bit every week...some just come along for our big plant up days in the High Street. Whatever you fancy offering is fine with us!

You don't need to be greenfingered! If you want to dig, or are better with a litter picker or a paint brush than a trowel, that is fine too. We always have lots of things that need doing. We have projects up town and down town. Once you know what's what, you can pop along to your project whenever the mood takes you - it doesn't have to be part of a planned session.

Our volunteers are young, older and in between. We have volunteers with additional needs who have support to get involved. There are people new to the area who want to meet some like minded people, there are retirees and people with an hour to spare that just want to get outdoors into the fresh air. Whatever your situation, we can help you find a place to call your own and put your stamp on.

Right now we are highlighting two events on our Facebook page. The first is an intro session at Temple Bar. Come along at 10.30am on Sunday 27th March 2022 to find out all about the community garden there (access via Bull Lane or up the alley between Boots and The Vaults). Or, if you want to get your hands dirty, we are holding regular sessions (weather permitting) every Tueday at 10am in Lower Parc (access via Ruthin Road, next to the Infirmary).

Whatever your fancy, we guarantee a warm welcome!

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