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In 2018, Denbigh in Bloom entered a programme run by Wales in Bloom, called "It's Your Neighbourhood."  Rather than being a competition, it gives communities to showcase the areas that they have worked on and improved.  We were overwhelmed when we were awarded 'Outstanding' - the highest accolade.  So we decided, on the judge's advice, to enter the Wales in Bloom competition.

The judge scrutinises everything - not just the plants!  So we had to ensure that everywhere was free of litter and weeds, that all the street furniture was clean and free of chipped paint.  We had to ensure spaces were clear of graffiti and everywhere looked its absolute best.  And that was all before we checked the plants were all looking happy and healthy!  

Prior to judging, volunteers and the wider community took part in lots of sessions to paint railings, bollards, bins and benches.  There were litter picks and weeding parties too.  Everyone was so incredibly supportive and Denbigh in Bloom volunteers were overwhelmed with the support that we received from the whole community.

In the last four competitions (2019, 2021, 2022, 2023), we have been awarded Gold and named Best Town in Wales. We are still reeling from the shock, but we are so delighted!  As a result of our efforts, we were invited to represent Wales in the Britain in Bloom competition in 2022 (re-started after Covid!) and we were amazed to be awarded Silver-Gilt!  Citing exhaustion, we are not entering any competitions in 2024, but never say never again!

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