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Sponsor Us

Denbigh in Bloom is entirely reliant on fundraising to support and develop all the projects that we run in town.  There are sponsorship opportunities for all the fixed and temporary planters that we have, so maybe your business would benefit from having a heightened profile, supporting a fantastic, green and grassroots project like ours!


Railing Planter

There are over 40 railing planters and multiple tiered and large square planters in town.  All are watered and maintained by Denbigh in Bloom volunteers.

The smaller planters are in place from Spring to October and carry your business name and the details of the groups who help grow the plants.  The tiered and large square planters are in place all year round and benefit from a fresh winter planting plan, which includes spring bulbs.

Sponsorship forms are available to download here.


Oak Planter

Denbigh in Bloom is planning to add these impressive, bespoke Welsh oak planters to the key entry points to town.  The first was installed in June 2019 at the top of Rhyl Road.  These are available on a three year sponsorship model, which covers the planter, all plants, maintenance and sponsorship plaques.  

It's a great opportunity to put your organisation in the spotlight, as these planters are limited and highly decorative, in prominent locations.  If you would like to sponsor the next oak planter, contact us.


Pots for Shops

Pots for Shops was introduced in 2019, as an easy way for retail businesses to get involved with Denbigh in Bloom.  For a small, annual fee, we provide on lease a planted pot that will provide glorious colour and brighten your frontage all summer. 


At the end of the season, the pots are collected and all materials composted.  Then, if the business would like to re-lease their pots the following year, the fee is reduced. 


It's a cost-effective and simple way for anyone who doesn't consider themselves to have 'green fingers', to support Denbigh in Bloom and showcase their business. 


To re-order for 2024, use this form.  If you have any questions, contact us.



Denbigh in Bloom is all about the efforts of a dedicated band of volunteers.


In addition to those volunteers, there are lots of people who have expressed an interest in donating to Denbigh in Bloom, to show support for what we do. 


Perhaps Denbigh was home but you now live away and follow what we do on social media?  Maybe you would love to get hands on, but don't have the time or energy!  Whatever the reason, we are always fundraising and applying for grants, but any donations are always gratefully received and 100% of the money goes into our projects.

If you would like to make a donation, cheques can be made payable to 'Denbigh in Bloom' and our contact details are accessible here.

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