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In the blink of an eye...


It's traditional at this time of year to look back and reflect....and we don't want to go against the tide!

We've had another really busy year, which has been quite challenging with dwindling volunteer numbers. Life has a habit of getting in the way, so we have lost good friends and wonderful 'hands on' from our regulars gang. It's the nature of volunteering that when other stuff comes up, or your health is not great or you move out of the area altogether, your ability to join in changes. We are very grateful for all their efforts and the door always remains open!

But onto brighter things! I am bound to forget loads of stuff, but WOW, what a year it has been for Denbigh in Bloom. We have taken part in two Bloom competitions, we supported the development of a beautiful garden at the Eisteddfod in Denbigh, we tackled the hottest year on record and still managed to keep pretty much everything alive and looking fantastic. I am sure many will agree with me that this year's High Street planters were the best ever.

Again, the support in Town has been amazing. Denbigh has the most incredible community spirit and more local businesses and individuals than ever have sponsored our displays. Denbigh Town Council has also been so helpful in granting financial aid for watering. Without the grants and sponsorships, we simply couldn't do any of the big project work - like replacing all the railing planters, as we did in Spring.

When it came to those Bloom competitions, everyone rolled up their sleeves and our regulars were relieved to be joined by local Town and County Councillors, Keep Wales Tidy volunteers, Denbigh Rotary and Roundtable members and Principality Building Society staff, alongside individuals who wanted to lend a hand. We were so touched to see so many new faces mucking in. And it worked - we won Gold in Wales in Bloom; taking the crown as the best town in Wales for the third consecutive year. We were gobsmacked to be awarded a Silver-Gilt medal by Britain in Bloom, representing Wales. The judges feedback said our displays were the best they'd seen, which makes working towards a Gold very enticing (but let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

Denbigh is changing with lots of new development and new residents. So could 2023 be the year that you get involved in your community? We'd love to get you involved!

You might be new to the area or want to meet new people? You might be keen to get outdoors for a little light exercise (it's great for your mental and physical health!) Maybe you love the idea of gardening but don't have your own space or need a guide on where to start? Or you could be clueless about gardening but like the idea of making a difference in your town.

Whatever the reason, if you have a little time to spare, we would love to have you. We have several projects with regular meet ups but we also run ad hoc sessions and plant up days in May and October where we put up and take down the seasonal displays. Of course there are always other things happening too, like painting or deadheading. We're a flexible bunch, so there are no fixed commitments - we'd welcome whatever time you can give!

The easiest way to find out more is to drop us a line via our contact page or call into 'Bloom HQ' at the Carpet Emporium in the High Street and chat with Lyndsey, our Chair.

And before I forget.... Happy New Year! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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