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Another year gone! Roll on 2024...

We’re not far in, but Denbigh in Bloom volunteers have already been meeting up to plan what we want to achieve in 2024.

Last year was another knockout.  We were all shattered by the end of the summer, mind you!  Aside from all the work that goes into the Wales in Bloom entry and general care and maintenance of the areas we look after; we had been asked to host the Wales in Bloom awards ceremony! 

It was a massive undertaking and around 18 months of planning but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and it was lovely to welcome over 100 people to Denbigh and show off what our town has to offer.  It was really heartwarming to hear how much people enjoyed the tours and were amazed at the sights on offer.  Many of us reflected that we take it for granted, so seeing Denbigh through fresh eyes was wonderful.

It turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year too, which is something you can’t plan for!  Thankfully it meant people enjoyed the cool shade in Crown Square and the Town Hall, which looked very impressive for the day.

So, onto 2024.  What’s on the agenda?  The big decision is that we have decided to take a break from the competitions.  Whilst it is lovely to get the recognition of Wales or Britain in Bloom judges, we know how much effort goes into the Gold-winning standard that we have achieved.  We don’t want to settle for less, but the hours of planting, watering, deadheading, painting, litter picking and weeding take their toll!  That’s even more true as the number of volunteers in our active group has declined dramatically.

Most groups that rely on volunteers are feeling the same pressure and it isn’t really a new problem.  People do sometimes approach us and say they are keen to get involved, but other commitments take precedence and that is understandable.  The pace of most of our lives is frenetic at the best of times, never mind adding in some volunteer graft to the mix.

That said, if you do see this and think you’d like to get involved, meet new people and enjoy the outdoors and some gentle(ish) gardening, we are the people for you!  You’d be most welcome.

In another change for 2024, we will no longer be taking care of the roundabouts at ATS and Myddleton Parc.  Again, this comes down to volunteer numbers and prioritising the other spaces we care for.  We support the work that Denbighshire County Council’s Biodiversity team are doing and look forward to their wildflower planting taking over at the ATS roundabout.

Despite these big changes, we are still really excited for the usual jobs we do – like plant up in May.  Currently planned for the 20th, we will be trying something a bit more avant-garde in the railing planters.  We figured this year was the time to experiment with something a bit different, but hopefully just as impressive as the last few years. Sponsor forms for 2024 will be out to existing sponsors soon and opened to the waiting list and new sponsors, soon after that.

We also hope to be holding a plant sale this year too, which will bolster the coffers.  Temple Bar has some new tree planting planned for the remainder of winter and Trewen will continue to shine.  The small bed by Townsend at the Vale Street traffic lights is also having a glow up this year!

Let’s hope 2024 turns out to be another blooming year all round!

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