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Lower Parc

In the summer of 2020, the impact of COVID-19 lockdown was being felt far and wide and our schemes in the High Street and adjoining roads had been postponed.  Denbigh in Bloom volunteers aren't to be put on standby though, so our ideas for Lower Parc were brought forward.


Lower Parc is a wonderful resource in lower Denbigh.  It hosts the tennis and bowls club and is very close to the skate park, Middle Parc, several schools and the infirmary.  As a result, there are lots of people who pass through the space every day. 


Unfortunately, as budgets are squeezed all the time, the local Council hasn't been able to invest the time needed to keep the place looking its best.  That was where we thought Denbigh in Bloom might be able to help!

We liaised with the tennis and bowls clubs and met with some keen supporters who were happy to get involved.  Then the work started.  The space is slowly but surely being wrestled from the grip of weeds, new plants are being added to the borders and we've secured a delivery of wild flowers and pollinator-friendly perennials from a scheme run by Keep Wales Tidy.  The difference is already impressing visitors to Lower Parc and we hope it will encourage more volunteers to get involved.  Certainly as visitors come from other clubs to use the facilities and take part in tournaments, we hope they'll be wowed by what Denbigh has to offer!

In winter 2020 we planted a crab apple (Malus Toringo Scarlett) with key workers from Denbigh infirmary and representation from the Denbigh Forget Me Not volunteers to recognise those affected by COVID-19 and the community who rallied around.   In 2021 we will be adding more seating and raised planters with a focus on sensory planting, which we hope will have particular resonance for older people and those experiencing dementia, as Denbigh in Bloom is a supporter of making Denbigh a dementia friendly space. 

With so many exciting plans in the pipeline we are always keen to recruit more volunteers.  If you would like to join in, you are welcome to come along and get gardening!  Just get in touch for dates/times!


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