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Trewen border is located at the entrance of a large residential estate in Denbigh. Our logo signs can be seen in the main bed that we look after.


Over ten years ago it was full of roses which were removed by the County Council, as the upkeep was an unsustainable overhead. 

In October 2018, we secured funding to reinstate the rose bed, planting a variety of perennials such as alliums and under-planted with Forget me Nots as part of our pledge to raise Dementia Awareness in Denbigh. 


In summer 2020, we added marigolds to the border, adding a real splash of colour throughout the summer. In the autumn we removed the summer bedding and top-dressed the border with manure to prepare it for another season's blooms.

Our project has expanded to cover the adjoining planted areas, including some thinning of the dead and decaying trees and addition of woodland planting.  We’ve added a bug hotel to encourage solitary bees to nest and are working to offer year-round interest in this area by slowly adding a mix of perennials, space for wildflowers and clearing around the seating.  We hope to be able to add some more trees to the space too.  All the plants in these adjoining areas have been grown by volunteers or donated by the local residents.

Volunteers meet regularly during the gardening season (weather permitting) to weed and tend to these plants.  They also compost all waste from the site.  Anyone wishing to lend a hand is very welcome to join in these sessions.  Just get in touch!

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