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It's Your Neighbourhood

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The launch presentation for this year's Wales in Bloom competition took place in Powis Castle on Friday 14th February, so everyone at Denbigh in Bloom HQ is already busy planning and plotting what the schemes will be like for the summer. Of course, this year the added pressure is our representing Wales in the wider Britain in Bloom the heat is on!

Denbigh in Bloom has come a long way since we started up in 2016. In 2018 we were encouraged to enter our planting from the High Street into a scheme called It's Your Neighbourhood. It was a way for us to showcase all that we felt we had achieved to date, but get some feedback from experts on how we would be able to make things even better for our local community.

We got everything ready, tended all the plants and put a rota in place to do litter picks and deadheading, so that when the assessor came to Denbigh, they would see us at our best. It is not a competition, but there are five levels of assessment that you can be judged against and those frameworks are designed to help even the newest projects recognise their achievement and make goals for the future.

We're now hoping to encourage other groups in Denbigh to enter It's Your Neighbourhood in their own right, to put Denbigh on the map when it comes to beautiful places to live and visit.

So do you work somewhere with a with of green space that needs some TLC? Maybe you want to tackle a park, shared garden, housing estate or a shared residential alley? Almost any outdoor site being looked after by the local community qualifies.

Check out our website for the link to It's Your Neighbourhood and from there you can access the RHS website to register your interest. The deadline for this year is the 31st March, so have a think about how you could brighten your corner of Denbigh and let's amaze the judges with what Denbigh has to offer!

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