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There are two large roundabouts that act as the gateways to Denbigh.  As such, we wanted to give visitors a warm welcome, in the most sustainable and wildlife friendly way possible.

In 2016 we trialled wildflowers.  This met with mixed reviews from residents, but we incorporated their feedback to develop more structure and add as many pollinator friendly plants and shrubs as possible, to provide a diversity of nectar and colour throughout the year.


Each roundabout has raised beds for planting into. They are huge!  Each one is approximately 22ft long by 3 ft wide and they aren't the easiest situations to deal with.  As a rule, they are pretty exposed to strong cross winds, with poor substrate and a wealth of other challenges including some resident chickens!  Consequently, an enormous number of plants and volunteer hours have been put into this project alone.

Today, the ATS roundabout (also known as Chicken roundabout) is showing the benefit of investment in plants and soil improvement, with a wonderful display of perennials, bulbs and native wildflowers.  We have seen huge improvements too at the Myddleton Park roundabout. 


Both roundabouts host their own bug hotels and ATS roundabout has a log pile to encourage insects.  Again, we compost everything that comes off the site.  Now, working with the Biodiversity team at Denbighshire County Council, we are looking at the benefits of 'no mow' and encouraging native wildflowers. 

We have permissions for established Denbigh in Bloom volunteers to access the roundabouts unaccompanied by a specialist contractor, which gives us more flexibility for the work that we do there. During the summer, we have regular working parties on both roundabouts and we'd welcome any additional support.  Just contact us or come along to one of our sessions.

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