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Let's get gardening!

The weather is starting to warm up and the lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, so unsurprisingly the Bloom volunteers are itching to get back out to the projects around town to get things growing!

Coincidentally, this week is also RHS Get Gardening week, so we're putting our efforts into growing the sunflower seeds that Morrisons have been giving to customers at the checkouts. The seeds are for a dwarf variety of sunflower, so will be ideal for many of our schemes like the borders at Trewen, the roundabouts into town and the small spot by the bottom of Vale Street.

The seeds are really easy to grow and the perfect size for little fingers if you want to get your young ones into gardening! In just a few days, you can have the first leaves starting to appear and what a treat the flowers will be when they follow! We hope everyone with a packet of seeds lurking in their purse or shopping bags will give it a go and help brighten the community. And of course, if you can't make use of the seeds, we would be happy to grow them on and use them around town.

Aside from growing the sunflower seeds, our volunteers are starting to venture out into the projects around town. There are big plans afoot for wider projects in Lower Parc and we're adding many more planters and railing baskets to new locations in town this summer too. Maybe you've been up to Temple Bar and noticed the new steps that we've commissioned? They look really fantastic and we're adding a seating space in there shortly. It's a wonderful spot for a lunchtime break or a breath of fresh air in a beautiful garden, so if you haven't visited it is certainly recommended you seek it out. The path up between Boots and The Vaults is a quick way if you are in town (and don't mind a slope!)

Starting now, we're also keen to encourage new volunteers. Perhaps you've discovered a love of gardening over lockdown? Maybe you have some more time on your hands as you're working from home now or you're new to the area and would like to meet new people?Maybe you're just a fan of the colour that the planters bring to town and want to get involved. Whatever the reason, we're always very welcoming! You can get in touch to find out more, or come along Tuesdays from 10am (weather depending!) to Lower Parc (Ruthin Road, next to the infirmary and Denbigh High) to say Hi and find out more. No experience necessary!

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