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We're Denbigh in Bloom

Denbigh in Bloom was formed in January 2016 with a handful of volunteers who wanted to enhance the town’s historic beauty, clean up some very shabby looking areas and encourage shoppers and visitors to spend their time here.

Slowly but surely, the group has built up a roster of projects with a clear emphasis on brightening our local environment for the benefit of everyone – including the local wildlife. 

Today, the group has around 15 regular volunteers who get involved in a range of activities.  Not everyone considers themselves to be a gardener, but everyone enthusiastically rolls their sleeves up to dig, weed, litter pick, cover a stall at an event selling plants or merchandise, provide hands on support to local schools who help us grow our plants or set up the planters on the High Street.

Since the group was formed, we have focused on taking on new projects in different areas around the town, whilst ensuring that we have the cover to maintain the areas that were our first forays into getting Denbigh blooming. 


Budget cuts across Town and County Councils have had a massive impact on our green environment, with many areas left looking neglected or displays removed altogether.  By working together, we are aiming to turn that around!  

We are always looking for more volunteers, so if you would like to get involved, get in touch!  Everyone is welcome.


©2024.  Proudly created by Denbigh in Bloom

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